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About Google Checkout
Want a faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online? You got it. Read about our buyers' experiences with Google Checkout.

Stop creating multiple accounts and passwords. With Google Checkout™ you can quickly and easily buy from stores across the web and track all your orders and shipping in one place.

Shop with confidence. Our fraud protection policy covers you against unauthorized purchases made through Google Checkout, and we don't share your purchase history or full credit card number with sellers.

Control commercial spam. You can keep your email address confidential, and easily turn off unwanted emails from stores where you use Google Checkout.


Google Checkout allows buyers to shop quickly and securely from stores across the web. Here, you can read about the shopping experiences some buyers are having with Google Checkout.

Fast and easy to use

"Google Checkout does everything in one fell swoop. I placed an order with Sierra Trading Post last week, and the whole process took about 20 seconds. Plus, I had the immediate email from Google with everything I could possibly want to know about the order. It's all right there, in like half a screen: what I ordered, how much it costs, who it's being shipped to, who it was being sent from, what the order number is, it's all right there. Oftentimes, I've had to through 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 pages on a retailer's site to get to where I need to get to track an order. With Google Checkout, it is right there." -- Peter M.

Safe and secure

"I would recommend Google Checkout both for the convenience and the security it provides. Instead of giving my private information to dozens of unknown Internet vendors, I give it to only Google – and only once... Many vendors have varying methods of handling checkout that are not consistent from vendor to vendor. This often results in frustration. With Google Checkout, it's the same every time." -- John R

Protects personal information

"Before Checkout, I had to expose my personal information and everybody on the planet was sending me emails and paper catalogues. It's very comfortable, in addition to be being really convenient, because I don't want to share all my credit card numbers and expiration dates across the web." -- Jim Y.

Helps buyers resolve issues

"I thought the best thing was the speed and ease of use... I came to learn that the best thing is the excellent customer service and problem resolution. The service was prompt and the resolution was fast. I'm very happy with the manner in which my problem was handled. ...After my experience with their excellent customer service, I will look for the Google Checkout option and use it whenever it is offered." -- Martha M.

Allows you to shop with confidence

"Using Google Checkout gives me peace of mind that enables me to utilize websites which I have never done business with. Google assists both buyers and sellers in making purchases with confidence. If I have not done business with a website in the past, they must use Google Checkout for me to consider making a purchase from them." -- Troy V.