Build this 16' x 24' Cabin with Loft for under $6,000.00* Build it Yourself with my Step-By-Step Instruction Guide

16x24 Cabin w/Loft Plans Package, Blueprints, Material List & Instruction Guide
16x24 Cabin w/Loft Plans Package, Blueprints, Material List & Instruction Guide
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16x24 Cabin w/Loft Plans Package, Blueprints, Material List & Instruction Guide
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"That's less than $16.00 per square foot" Ideal for: Vacation / Rental Cabin / Guest House / Work / Hobby Shop / Investment Property


THE MOUNTAIN MANSION This charming 384 square foot cabin includes all the features of more expensive styles but is designed for those of us on a budget. With its 12/12-pitch roof, which adds to its character, allowing us the added bonus of a loft. When you walk into the main living area with its vaulted ceilings looking back toward the kitchen with the open loft exposed overhead, you won't believe that this much area is in such a compact space. Because of its simple design, the MOUNTAIN MANSION is easy to build, expand or add to, making it the perfect choice as a starter home or as a vacation retreat. Need more room at home? Use the MOUNTAIN MANSION in place of costly room additions. When the kids are gone use it as a quest house.


Build it Your-self: Whether you are totally inexperienced, or a professional builder. I guarantee that with my detailed step by step instruction guide, you and a few friends or family members can build this and have it under roof and dried-in in only no time at all. My instructions will take you from the site preparation right through sub-floor construction, framing the walls, raising the roof, and installing siding, windows and doors. Finish the interior in any style and decor of your choice. No Complicated Cuts or Angles to Calculate! My simple lumber cut sheets shows you exactly how to measure and cut all of your Floor Joist, Window and Door Headers, Wall Studs and other components. No complicated angles to figure on the roof rafters. Each set of plans come with cutting templates which allows anyone who can trace from a pattern to confidently cut and install all of the components of your MOUNTAIN MANSION.

No Materials to Figure. Your MOUNTAINN MANSION Plan Package comes with a complete material take off list. Just take a copy to your favorite home supply store and let them do the rest. Also, by submitting to several suppliers will insure that you are getting the best prices. Most home supply or building centers has a contractor dept, which will gladly take your Material Take-Off and calculate the cost for you.

Package includes all of the following

· Complete set of working Blueprints: Professionally drawn Blueprints include: Foundation, Layout, Floor Plan, Elevations, Sub Floor, Electrical, and HAC instructions which meet or exceed all local building codes. (see picture below)

· Material Take-Off and Construction Cost List: An itemized shopping list which includes all building materials needed to complete your MOUNTAIN MANSION including Framing Lumber, Siding, Roofing, Doors, Windows, Guttering, Electrical outlets, Plumbing fixtures, Insulation, and Interior Finishes such as Wall Coverings, Carpet or Tile, Cabinets, etc. From the first nail, down the number of light bulbs that you will need. Eliminates all the guesswork, and makes shopping effortless.

· Step-by-Step Instruction Guide: Easy to read, understand and follow instructions. From site preparation to ready to use, my Instruction guide is filled with simple illustrations, tips and hints all written in layman?s terms (no technical jarva) which makes it easy for anyone to use. If you can read a tape measurer then you can build this yourself. (see pictures above)


Read what other buyers are saying

· I've now gone through your super-good, wonderful, understandable, just fantastic set of directions! RM

· I'm excited, to say the least. I think you have done a wonderful job taking us through the wall assembly and installation. I asked my fiancé to read through the plans so that she has an understanding as well. After reviewing these instructions, I told her "I really think we can build this ourselves". JK

· "A must for want to be cabin builders everywhere"

Frequently asked questions

· Question: What if we need some thing a little larger, can you help with that? · Answer: Yes, I can make any changes that best suits your needs. Including enlargements, layout, window and door location, additions, etc. I'll work with you to every step of the way to make sure that you get the cabin works best for you.

· Question: Are changes real expensive? · Answer: No, as a matter of fact most of the minor changes that I do are at No Additional Charge. However, if you need major structural or a lot of changes I base my rate on the amount of time that it takes me to get the job done. These rates are beyond reasonable and I let you know up front if there will be a charge and how much.

· Question: Our county has very strict building codes, what if these plans do not comply with our codes? · Answer: Your package comes with everything that you will need to take to your local building inspectors office and the construction of this cabin meets all of the National Building codes. These codes do vary from state to state and county to county for example some areas will require 2x6" studding rather than 2x4" or perhaps your local codes require trusses to be certified, no matter the circumstances I will work with you to insure that the codes are met. Also, in the instruction manual I point out the stages that you will need to check with your building codes and you can take your blueprints to be checked before you start anything.

If you have a question please do not hesitate email.